16 career choices for the young CA

16 career choices for the young CA

This book captures the 16 career choices for the young CA.

Your early years at the workplace are important. This is the base camp from where you climb to become the CEO one day.  For that, first you must know what career choices are before you. From CA to CEO identifies this. Next, you  must realize that the skills that were relevant to acing an examination may not see you through at work. The books walks you through the new skill set.  Finally,  being armed with a single professional qualification will not do. The books the few extra courses that you should do.

This book name 16 new age work areas in the glitzy world of accounting and finance — beyond plain accounting and beyond old fashioned accounting. One, forensic accounting, SOX, BPO. Two, consulting, supply chain management, brand management, project management, enterprise wise risk management. Three, wealth management, PE funds, equity research, KPO. Four, i-Banking, c-Banking, corporate finance and risk management.

Written in a way that is readable; you should enjoy it.





About Pattabhi Ram

A chartered accountant by profession, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice.
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