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The airport ‘necessities’ for our MPs

V Pattabhi Ram Why is a song-and-dance being made over our Members of Parliament wanting certain ‘facilities’ in airports, be it from government or from private carriers? How ridiculously outrageous it is that a noise is being made over what … Continue reading

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The 3 Idiots who shook the Bestseller Lists

Review by: Archana Sarat “Five-Point Someone” is a funny yet touching story about the life of three friends at IIT, Delhi. The story is narrated by Hari who has a five point something GPA, just like his friends, Alok and … Continue reading

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Family Life

A Poignant Saga STORY LINE “It’s the late 1070s. India has been wrenched by the Emergency. Like countless Indian children, Ajay and Birju are taken by their parents to America so they can have a better life. In New York, … Continue reading

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The Money Changers

By: Amrutha Lakshmi Code: AH/1/101 THEME Power struggle inside a bank even as shenanigans in the banking industry are detailed for the reader to get an inside view of how the bank works. STORY OUTLINE The story is set in … Continue reading

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