The airport ‘necessities’ for our MPs

V Pattabhi Ram

Why is a song-and-dance being made over our Members of Parliament wanting certain ‘facilities’ in airports, be it from government or from private carriers? How ridiculously outrageous it is that a noise is being made over what are perfectly valid ‘necessities.’

You see they are in a “high pressure” job. If you have any doubts, ask Meenakshi Lekhi. Little wonder, they need lounge facilities to either rest or catch up on work. You see you and I are twiddling our thumbs while they are chewing their nails. Of-course they need those facilities free. Do you expect any freeloader to pay for anything?

For sure, they need a priority in check in. What’s the problem with that? Frequent flyers get priority check in. After all these MPs fly more often than frequent flyers. Now don’t tell me they travel free. That way most frequent flyers also travel free. Remember, their company pays for it. For the MPs, the government pays. The frequent flyer queue is not a big queue. Or they could check in from the business class counter. Why should we fight over such a small thing for our hardworking members of parliament?

When you play host to a guest, protocol demands that you make things easy for them. You see them in and you escort them out. So why should it be different with the airlines. After all, these MPs are guests, not customers. So what’s the big deal if airport director, duty manager and protocol officers are on call? In fact a doctor should also be kept on call.

Again nothing wrong if they seek spot seat confirmation or if they want the front rows. Those who have confirmed tickets can take the next flight and those in the front row can move back. Surely a you and a me taking the next flight or a you and a me taking a back row will not put the country backward or our offices backward in time. In fact our offices will be only too glad.

OMG will free car-parking kill the airport? There are so many other cars. Cant they just increase the tariff on those parking to make good any loss of revenue. And what’s the problem if a government staff does the checking in on their behalf. After all, you are not being asked to do his checking in. I guess the government staff will also pass through security and the frisking will be done on him rather than on the MP. I see nothing wrong with that.

Well, every time the MPs avail these facilities out of turn they should hang their head in shame.

But these guys will gang up with each other on this matter.


About Pattabhi Ram

A chartered accountant by profession, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice.
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