Hi Gen., “Presstitute” Singh:

Let me first introduce myself. I am neither a bikau (okay Presstitute) journalist nor do I work for the arms-lobby against you. I like India as much as you do, except that I didn’t work in the army and I don’t wear patriotism on my sleeve.

You served the Indian Army and rose to become its Chief. My salutations. You were there when Kargil happened. We can’t forget that. My salutations for that as well. But lest you forget, let me place a few facts before you.

You had a fudged DoB in the records. On the strength of it, you got promoted at every level, right up to the top. But when the time for retirement came you wanted to alter your DoB so that you could serve another year. When the government refused to play ball, you took it to court. No serving General had ever done that. Did you know how it shattered the morale of soldiers and of the ordinary citizen who have always celebrated the Army?

The court threw your case into the trashcan but was incredibly lenient with you. So was the government. It had every right to sack you. But embattled as it was, fighting a losing public perception on several fronts, it retained you. Had it been the NDA it would have kicked you out with your uniform. Remember, Vishnu Bhagwat? The honorable thing for you to do was to quit. You did not.

Now, let’s get to the present.

You joined Anna claiming to be apolitical. Then you moved to the BJP. The chief of army joining a political party is the last thing India wanted because our army is amongst the very few non-political institutions. But such niceties didn’t bother you.

Let me tell you how you slowly began falling in our eyes.

On Pakistan day, you turned up at their celebration wearing a green jacket and joked with your hosts. Why, oh why? Well, I forgot, it was “duty”.  Sir, you have learned the language of the politician very fast.  How is this “duty” different from “coalition dharma”? If you were the army-man bred on command and control, and so obeyed the government, why did you tweet about duty and disgust. Oh, sorry, I forgot. It was not at the government but the media.  Sir, we are not all that wet behind the ears.

The evacuation at Yemen was exemplary. The government or let’s say you were singularly responsible for bringing home thousands of Indians. Your loose tongue had to botch it by joking about the evacuation. Your chamchas sought to pass it off as a comment against the media. Of what we could see, it was an unprovoked statement. Even if the jibe was at the media, was this the time and place to settle your grievance?

Next you got going with your presstitute remarks, dumping the media as a class into that category. Lest we missed out on it,  you joked about how the media thought there was an “o” and not an “e” in the word.  What about you Sir? Weren’t you vindictive with a colleague of yours and when the Court threw the Court Martial out of the window you continued with the government even after the government refused to appeal. Why are you then still in government, General V K “Presstitute” Singh?

Now you say there is a media campaign against you on behalf of the arms lobby. If you are hallucinating, let the world not know.

Yours truly,

Pattabhi Ram


About Pattabhi Ram

A chartered accountant by profession, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice.
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2 Responses to Hi Gen., “Presstitute” Singh:

  1. Aarati says:

    Bravo. Couldnt have put it better.

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