Nithya Sharma

This part of the Blog, called BEING PROFESSIONAL, will bring in short articles that will help you hone up as a professional

Pro1: FIVE keys to conversing

Whether we like it or not, in today’s world, to succeed you need to communicate.

Communication can be either in speaking or in writing. I provide below FIVE key clues.

Substance: Talk substance; write substance. Fluff can never be a substitute for content, and research. If what you have written can be easily condensed to 25 percent, then you have done a fluffy job. Read a variety of articles on your areas of interest.

Grammar is critical: Boy, grammar adds to the beauty of the language. So don’t kill it. If you mess up with the grammar, you could mess up with your communication. When in doubt, look up a grammar book. Invest in it. It’s worthwhile.

Word-hoard: Read extensively. Pick one new word a day. Get to know its meaning. When in doubt, look in the dictionary. Grab yourself a good online dictionary. Re-read what you have written and replace the complex phrases with simpler ones. It will make your writing crisp. Be sure of the words you use. Also, use words at the level of the person with whom you are interacting.

No slangs and buzzwords: Cut stupid phrases like ‘going forward’ when ‘in future’ is good enough. In a bid to look like being with-the-crowd do not make writing complex. Personally, I hate words like ‘bandwidth’, ‘core-competence’ etc. People, especially seniors, do not like cuss words and slang. Smileys are a strict no-no while writing.

Say please and thank you.

Thank you for reading this piece. Do come back on 4th to read the next piece.

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