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A chartered accountant by profession, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice.

A letter to Citizen Mukherjee

Dear Citizen Mukherjee: My hearty congratulations on accepting to deliver the valedictory address at the RSS training camp. You have gone beyond being a party-man to being a statesman; one who belongs to the entire country. A former president should … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Modi on ICAI

Pulled it out of another blog of mine to place it here. Translated by Anuradha Ramani and Shubashree Pinglay (A bit edited, for space; a bit corrected for order.) Namaste! I am pleased to see all of you present here … Continue reading

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V PATTABHI RAM Based on a series of interviews The world around us is transforming dramatically. Both the quality and the speed of change are frightening. Some call it the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution. I call it the … Continue reading

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V Pattabhi Ram The unruly noise over the judiciary in the form of its increased politicization is not good for India. India is today suffering from a severely fractured polity. It is not good for the country. People, not just … Continue reading

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V Pattabhi Ram Four ‘drivers of change’ and three ‘major shifts’ would have severe ramifications across occupations, including CA. The first driver of change is Globalization. The world today is far more borderless than ever before. It has compressed both … Continue reading

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