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These are pieces that I never sent out for publishing


BY: V Pattabhi Ram When the history of modern India is written, Aadhar, GST, and Demonetization, will be looked upon as game-changers. On Aadhar and GST we will discuss another day. First up, DeMon. In Jan 2015, Narendra Modi was … Continue reading

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The airport ‘necessities’ for our MPs

V Pattabhi Ram Why is a song-and-dance being made over our Members of Parliament wanting certain ‘facilities’ in airports, be it from government or from private carriers? How ridiculously outrageous it is that a noise is being made over what … Continue reading

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V Pattabhi Ram This is piece that I wrote in mid 2013 for a Internet site. They DIDN’T publish it. In 1991, an unlikely pair, comprising a semi-retired politician (Mr. Narasimha Rao) and a superannuated bureaucrat (Dr. Manmohan Singh) teamed … Continue reading

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5 Principles of Best Friendship. And marriage

I wrote this almost 6 years ago. Never sent it for publishing By: Pattabhi Ram I want to talk to you about a few sacred principles of relationships; these apply to friendships and to marriages. After all, marriage is an … Continue reading

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