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BY: V Pattabhi Ram You may not like the way he harangues guests in his talk shows. He is known to raise his voice and be acrimonious in his arguments. You might even hate him because he takes your favorite … Continue reading

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V Pattabhi Ram Every tragedy, whatever the cause, calls for united action from the people of India.  Kerala saw this year, what Chennai had seen three years ago: unprecedented floods. Something like this had last happened in God’s own country … Continue reading

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Prime Minister Modi on ICAI

Pulled it out of another blog of mine to place it here. Translated by Anuradha Ramani and Shubashree Pinglay (A bit edited, for space; a bit corrected for order.) Namaste! I am pleased to see all of you present here … Continue reading

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120 days after demonetization

  V Pattabhi Ram A full 120 days after Narendra Modi sprung on a surprised nation his version of financial carpet-bombing (not my words, but the words of the Supreme Court) it’s time to take a look at the fallout. … Continue reading

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V Pattabhi Ram AMMA by Vaasanthi I first saw the book at Crossword and was quite taken aback. What? A book within days of her demise? As I picked the book, I realized there was everything that was wrong with … Continue reading

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